Miracast in Aula 3

For the moment this is an experiment !

The projector in room Aula 3 has various inputs which can be selected with the remote control (kept in reception):

  • B corresponds to the VGA cable under the blackboard. It can also be connected to one of the computers in the room.
  • C corresponds to an HDMI connection connected to a Netgear Wireless Display Adapter that uses Miracast protocol.

If C is selected on the remote control a message should appear on the screen asking you to connect to the Adapter Push2TVX8FE88.

From a Tablet or Smartphone select Screen Mirroring (or Duplicazione Schermo if in italian).
After waiting a few seconds and after having confirmed the connection, the projector should show what appears on the Tablet or Smartphone, and if there sound this should be reproduced through its small speaker.

Apple devices like the iPad and iPhone use a proprietary technology called Airplay for Screen Mirroring that only works with Apple devices. As they don't have Miracast they don't work with the projector in Room Aula 3.

In case of problems, try turning everything off (Projector, Smartphone, Tablet) and start again.
Tell Steffè if the Adapter seems to be interfering with the normal running of the projector !!!

NB: money has not been spent by the Department for this test: the Adapter belongs to Steffè and is on loan to the Department..

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