All services coordinated by the CS are provided through collaboration with the Direzione Edilizia e Telecomunicazioni and in particular with the Settore Rete, Telecomunicazioni e Fonia - Serra (formerly known as SERRA, then subsequently ex-ICT), which provides connectivity to the Internet for the entire University, as well as with the Sistema Informatico Dipartimentale (SID), and in particular with Polo 2.

The department has also had a contract with eLabor since the beginning of 2015. They provide CS with system support for the Departmental servers .

In particular, support for all nature of problems is provided directly by SERRA and SID-Polo2: the University WIFI network and EDUROAM connection problems; the structured wiring system present in the Departmental studies and offices for both telephone, all VOIP, as well as for data. They also provide general support for all other general purpose PCs in various studies and offices.

The CS is directly responsible for:

In particular, any proposals to install software onto the server in the departmental and Computational Laboratories, any proposals to provide new services or suggestions for the improvement of services already being offered, or for a change in the policy for accessing resources, should be addressed to the Director of the CS.

Furthermore any reports of malfunctions that persist after the Technical staff from SID-Polo2 have intervened should be addressed to the Director of the CS and the representative of the Department in CIS-Polo2 and, should that not suffice, the Director of the Department.

(last updated: 2015-03-27)